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Hi there! Glad you stopped by. My name is Ciarra and welcome to my blog: Peanut Butter Plus Chocolate.

Peanut Butter Plus Chocolate is a healthy dessert blog with the occasional savory meal and you guessed it, lots of peanut butter and chocolate recipes. Here you can find healthy versions of you favorite desserts, breakfast recipes, snacks and a few other things. 😉

I decided to merge my love for baking and health food as way to have my cake and eat it too. I created this blog back in 2014 (or was it 2015?) as a way to archive all of my creations. I soon took to Instagram to share my desserts with a visual audience. My efforts to constantly improve myself drove me to investing in a camera and teaching myself photography through online classes and youtube tutorials. My love of food (and now photography) has developed into a career and a few months ago I left my job of 10 years to do this blog thing full time! I now spend my days hanging out with my dogs while baking in my kitchen.

When I’m not in my kitchen, I’m acting on stage or in film or television. If you want to stay updated on my recent works, you can see everything I’m doing here.

What kind of camera and editing software are you using?

I shoot all my work on a Canon 7d Mark II and switch between a 50mm-100mm lens. I only shoot mostly natural light and use Lightroom to edit all my photographs.

What services do you offer?

I am available for the following services: sponsored blog content, recipe development, brand ambassadorship, sponsored giveaways, food and content photography, and hosting. Have something else in mind? I’d love to hear it! You can email me [Ciarra] at peanutbutterpluschocolate@gmail.com for more information and a pricing sheet.


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5 thoughts on “About”

  • Hello,

    I just tried your cannoli protein bar recipe. I followed all your instructions and the project was a disappointment. I believe there is a flaw in your cream to crust ratio as well as the texture. Please fix, I look forward to enjoying the revised recipe soon.

    Thank you,
    A deprived macro counter

    • I’m sorry you were disappointed. I’ve made this recipe several times and I love it. The cream to crust ratio and texture is as it should be. What kind of protein powder did you use?

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