Big and Chewy Healthy Oatmeal Cookies with Orange Citrus Icing

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Big and chewy healthy oatmeal cookies with orange citrus icing–it’s quite a mouthful but every word is extremely important in the description of these cookies. I debated whether or not to add gluten-free, refined sugar-free, high in protein with a vegan option to the title. What do you think? Probably best the way I left it. Now you know that besides these cookies being big, chewy, healthy oatmeal cookies with orange citrus icing they are also everything else I listed above–and absolutely delicious, of course!

When I was little, I was always one of those weird kids that actually loved oatmeal cookies. In fact, I preferred them over most cookies. Weirdo–I know! Now that I’m adult, it’s much more accepted for an oatmeal cookie to be your favorite kind and I embrace it for all it’s worth. Bring on the oatmeal cookies!!!

For these oatmeal cookies, I added almonds and flax meal just for funsies. No, I’m kidding. I did have a specific reason in doing so. The almonds adds a little extra crunch and the flax adds a little fiber. Can’t go wrong with either, right? Along with almonds and flax, I added protein powder. I used PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein. Get 30% off using my affiliate code PBCHOCO at checkout on their website www.pescience.com. For a vegan option, use a plant based protein (PEScience has that as well).

Can we take a second to admire how beautiful thee cookies are and they taste just as good as they look. Only way to find out is to make them for yourself!

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Suzanne Teuben
Suzanne Teuben
6 years ago

Would this work with lemon in place or orange in both places? And would Stevia work for the sweetener, in the same quantities?

Suzanne Teuben
Suzanne Teuben
6 years ago

Awesome! Thank you! I have stevia (but I honestly don’t like the taste so I have shied away from baking with it) but I would prefer to use coconut sugar!

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[…] I hope you like oats because I had an entire day of baking with rolled oats. I’ve got some pretty delicious [oat] recipes coming at you in the next week so be prepared for dessert for breakfast type of recipes…aka…my favorite kind of recipes. If you love oats as much as I do then you are going to love this chewy oatmeal cookie with orange citrus icing that I made a couple of weeks ago. Get the recipe here. […]

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