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Strawberry Gluten Free Almond Cake with Vanilla Bean Glaze

Gluten free almond cake is fluffy, moist and filled with perfect bites of strawberry. This almond infused cake is perfect when you want a simple cake with BIG flavor. Topped with vanilla bean icing, this cake is everything you need this Valentine’s Day. This post is sponsored in partnership with Taylor & Colledge and as…

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Chocolate Sugar Cookies with Strawberry Buttercream Frosting

The best chocolate sugar cookies topped with strawberry buttercream frosting and made gluten free and vegan for the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. Soft and fluffy sugar cookies infused with chocolate and decorated with strawberry buttercream frosting. What you need to make these chocolate sugar cookies These super soft and fluffy sugar cookies come together rather…

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Healthy valentine's day cupcakes. The best gluten free dessert.

Healthy Valentine’s Day Cupcakes {Gluten Free & Dairy free}

Inside out chocolate cupcakes filled with strawberry frosting and topped with decadent chocolate ganache. These gluten free and dairy free healthy Valentine’s Day cupcakes are made using almond and cassava flour for the most spectacular treat. This post is sponsored in partnership with Edward and Sons and as always all opinions expressed are my own. Thank you…

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Gluten free desserts. Flourless dessert.

Flourless Healthy Oatmeal Cookies

Soft, chewy and absolutely delicious flourless oatmeal cookies! These healthy oatmeal cookies are made gluten free and dairy free while bursting with chocolate chips and peanut butter. What you need to make these healthy oatmeal cookies It’s barely February and this is probably my hundredth cookie recipe this year. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but I…

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